The Holiday action at Moomba never stops

December 30, 2018
The Holiday action at Moomba never stops
Let’s Party and let’s do it at MooMba, where things are going to get really hot starting Sunday, December 23 (from 7 – 10 pm) with Bambu. The next day (December 24) the Untouchables liven up the scene from 9 pm – 11 pm). On the 25th Travel Sessions will wow the crowd from 9 to midnight; they will do the same on Wednesday, December 26 (from 7 – 10 pm).

Getting ready for the New Year starts on Friday, December 28 with the Untouchables (9 – midnight), followed by Honeypot (3 – 6 pm) on Saturday. Karla Kingz holds court on Sunday, December 30 (7-10pm) and Honeypot (6-9) and the Untouchables (9-12) are whipping the guests up to a frenzy on Monday, December 31. The December Eve’s party promises to be fantastic, with DJ Diablo spinning his magic starting at midnight.

On January 1st there is the traditional Nieuwjaarsduik (New Year’s Plunge) at noon sharp. DJ Diablo, never tired at all, will guide you from 10.30 – noon. Of course, there will be free Unox sausage and Dutch pea soup for those who braved the water. And karaoke lovers… you can sing your heart out. There will be karaoke as well.

Fab singer C-zar is going to take you higher on the first day of the New Year, setting a new standard of feeling superb. C-zar will entertain you from 7 – 10 pm.

So, remember, wherever you are, that the party is at Moomba! Enjoy!